Friday, September 9, 2011

Lunch with Dad

i loved the cieling lamps..SOO PRETTY

my DAD

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Soo my dad came to visit me as part of his vacation but unfortunately for me school just started so i really can't give him as much of my time as i would like. I took him out to lunch at the restaurant Aged; which wasn't my first choice as I've never been there before but he was craving steak and i just said what the heck! ok. It was surprisingly really good; honestly the best chicken i had by far (fettuccine Alfredo with grilled lime chicken) and as if the food wasn't satisfying enough, the restaurant itself was beautiful. i don't know why but it sort of remind me of the cabins in Vermont (kind of had that rustic feeling) and i wouldn't  have been surprised if they had a deer head hanging in one of their walls.
Moving on.... my cold is still here and i couldn't be more disappointed; actually had plans to go to Fashion's Night Out but my excessive amount of coughing influenced me to think otherwise (which is a real bummer.)
Anyways i wish you all a great weekend.
xoxo Nuz

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