Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lounging Around


Recently ive been in a stump, im finding absolutely no inspiration in my clothes which is higly dissapointing. I feel the need to go shopping but sadly for my case i just happen to be broke!! i can always ask my parents for money but seeing how much they cashed out on all my textbooks; i feel horrified to even ask. Maybe i just need a job but i have a problem with managing things; in the past i have taken a lot of tasks all at once and stressed out to the point where i just couldnt function anymore. So a job during the school year seems like nothing but a bad idea. I know a lot people can handle doing that and see my reasons as nothing but a whiner but all i can respond back to that is "all the power to you but i just dont happen to function the same way (:"
Soo watched the season premiere of 90210, and honestly im sad to see Max go.. i thought him and Naomi made the cutest couples and i was seriously rooting for the underdog. Navid's sister is highly annoying and why the heck would she let Ade back in the house, when she clearly is a psychopath and this lil b*** should be kissing Silver's feet for even letting her a** stay with them. Ungrateful much?
Also saw Ringer and let me just say i love Sarah Michelle Gellar!! im a die-hard buffy fan till the day i die but on commenting on her i would say the beggining was a lil bland. if i wasnt her fan then i probs would've changed the channel by the 5th minute but luckily the show did start rolling eventually and plot is pretty interesting, kind of reminds me of The Lying Game by abc family except this one doesnt deal with homecoming and parental problems lol but it does have the drama and shady charachters. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Even Homebodies Have a NIGHT OUT


When it comes to going out, im not much of an enthusiast. im just more of a stay at home and chill then stay out all night and party it out. Personally i hate clubbing, the idea of strange men rubbing up against me kind of gives me the creeps and im not much of a drinker (not that im even the legal age yet) and worst of all dont get me started on the outfits. i mean i get that girls dress up this way because they want to attract attention (but really do you have to be half naked?) i get that fashion is all about taking risks and letting your personality shine through but there are plenty of girls that walk around half naked without looking like a hooker. 
Moving on i was invited to one my friends bf's birthday dinner and decided to wear out this number. personally i feel as if this was too long for me, im only 5'2 and i like wearing things that show off my legs a little soo its as if seems like im a bit taller lol. but nevertheless the dress is gorg!!! seeing how the weather is now cooler i would've looked ridicilous going out the house without any tights.
Newayz fashion week has started and i have been checking out most of the looks on youtube like religiously haha. my fave was this beautiful nude dress by the designer Tadashi Shoji ... you can check out his whole collection here and all the other goodies of fashion (:

Friday, September 9, 2011

Lunch with Dad

i loved the cieling lamps..SOO PRETTY

my DAD

local boutique-blouse, random-cami, newyork&co-bag

Soo my dad came to visit me as part of his vacation but unfortunately for me school just started so i really can't give him as much of my time as i would like. I took him out to lunch at the restaurant Aged; which wasn't my first choice as I've never been there before but he was craving steak and i just said what the heck! ok. It was surprisingly really good; honestly the best chicken i had by far (fettuccine Alfredo with grilled lime chicken) and as if the food wasn't satisfying enough, the restaurant itself was beautiful. i don't know why but it sort of remind me of the cabins in Vermont (kind of had that rustic feeling) and i wouldn't  have been surprised if they had a deer head hanging in one of their walls.
Moving on.... my cold is still here and i couldn't be more disappointed; actually had plans to go to Fashion's Night Out but my excessive amount of coughing influenced me to think otherwise (which is a real bummer.)
Anyways i wish you all a great weekend.
xoxo Nuz

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'm "COOL"

HnM-top, skinny jeans-F21, steve madden-flats

i always used to make fun at why some people used quotation marks (" ") when they were trying to make a point but from this day forward i will stop poking fun because i now am one those "people". They just add the right amount of emphasis on the point your trying to get across lol. Neways another rainy day, the weather's supposed to be like this atleast until saturday which is a bummer. i love the rain as much as the next guy but this is a little excessive. i decided to go for comfy chic and ofcourse i had to pull out my new pullover from HnM, its soo comfy and i love the color. Also for some reason it always makes feel like im wearing a cape; which truly coincides with my fantasies of being a superhero (yeah i know im cool). but anywhoo wrapping this up, i have class way too early and ofcourse im happy i get to see my hottie prof (which is obv a bonus) soo ill talk to you guys soon.
xoxo Nuz

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rainy days

h&m-top, old navy-romper, urban outfitters-tights, local store-boots
Sometimes i feel like maybe i am a little boy crazy but what can i do there are soo many cute ones running around the city and there are some occassions when one of them will glance my way. Honestly i cant help it, maybe im just a hopeless romantic thinking that someday one of those glances will become love at sight. Soo moving on to my outfit, i actually made an effort to get dressed this morning even though im still under the weather and it just happened to 5:30am. Normally i cant even function straight that early even when im health is perfectly well. But i just happened to have a really cute professor this semester and as much as i hate to admit it, i still wanted to look good for him. Sadly he still didnt notice me but atleast i got a nice outfit out the way and interestingly enough it was actually perfect for this rainy weather, atleast in my mind it is lol.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Blues

mom's top, long cami that usually gets worn under a kameez (hehe) leggings-H&M, stevemadden-flats

having a very blah sunday. sore throat and lost voicee(and i was hoping for a packed weekend) but owellz. If life gives you lemons then make some yummy tea.
Last night i was coerced into attending a family function that didnt turn out so well. i was already feeling tinglings in my throat and was not in the mood to deal with crazy aunties and a lot of smack talk. yet the parental some how suckered me into going.

long story short here are the keypoints:

massive headache

getting stuck at the train station (while dad and uncle blast indian music) beyond embarassing btw!!!!!

listening to my aunts going on and on and on

finally getting home (intaking massive amounts of medicine) and then passing out

neways guys thats all hope you guys have a better weekend than me especially seeing how its labor day tommorrow!!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Starting Over!

striped top- local store, shorts-forever21, tights-urban outfitters, boots-local store, beanie-nike

So I haven't updated this thing in what seems like ages ago and I trully am sorry. I know the little followers i did have are no longer here and i can honestly say i understand your desertion. Because i would've deff done the same.
Newayzzz moving on that's all in the past now and i wanna start fresh and i thought what better to start it off by posting one of my fave fall outfits. i took these pics about last september but the outfit is one my faves that the pic trully never gets old.
  • started my second semester in fashion marketing Yay!! and i totally like it soo much better than advertising. (which was such a drag for me)

  • started my youtube channel [(again) but i update it all the time now and i love it]

  • moved apartments and finally have a legitimate size room!!!

  • single and happy about it!!

soo guys thats it for now Hope you guys are all doing well!!!