Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Blues

mom's top, long cami that usually gets worn under a kameez (hehe) leggings-H&M, stevemadden-flats

having a very blah sunday. sore throat and lost voicee(and i was hoping for a packed weekend) but owellz. If life gives you lemons then make some yummy tea.
Last night i was coerced into attending a family function that didnt turn out so well. i was already feeling tinglings in my throat and was not in the mood to deal with crazy aunties and a lot of smack talk. yet the parental some how suckered me into going.

long story short here are the keypoints:

massive headache

getting stuck at the train station (while dad and uncle blast indian music) beyond embarassing btw!!!!!

listening to my aunts going on and on and on

finally getting home (intaking massive amounts of medicine) and then passing out

neways guys thats all hope you guys have a better weekend than me especially seeing how its labor day tommorrow!!!

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  1. Gorgeous outfit - you looking HAWT.

    Helen, x