Sunday, September 11, 2011

Even Homebodies Have a NIGHT OUT


When it comes to going out, im not much of an enthusiast. im just more of a stay at home and chill then stay out all night and party it out. Personally i hate clubbing, the idea of strange men rubbing up against me kind of gives me the creeps and im not much of a drinker (not that im even the legal age yet) and worst of all dont get me started on the outfits. i mean i get that girls dress up this way because they want to attract attention (but really do you have to be half naked?) i get that fashion is all about taking risks and letting your personality shine through but there are plenty of girls that walk around half naked without looking like a hooker. 
Moving on i was invited to one my friends bf's birthday dinner and decided to wear out this number. personally i feel as if this was too long for me, im only 5'2 and i like wearing things that show off my legs a little soo its as if seems like im a bit taller lol. but nevertheless the dress is gorg!!! seeing how the weather is now cooler i would've looked ridicilous going out the house without any tights.
Newayz fashion week has started and i have been checking out most of the looks on youtube like religiously haha. my fave was this beautiful nude dress by the designer Tadashi Shoji ... you can check out his whole collection here and all the other goodies of fashion (:

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