Friday, September 2, 2011

Starting Over!

striped top- local store, shorts-forever21, tights-urban outfitters, boots-local store, beanie-nike

So I haven't updated this thing in what seems like ages ago and I trully am sorry. I know the little followers i did have are no longer here and i can honestly say i understand your desertion. Because i would've deff done the same.
Newayzzz moving on that's all in the past now and i wanna start fresh and i thought what better to start it off by posting one of my fave fall outfits. i took these pics about last september but the outfit is one my faves that the pic trully never gets old.
  • started my second semester in fashion marketing Yay!! and i totally like it soo much better than advertising. (which was such a drag for me)

  • started my youtube channel [(again) but i update it all the time now and i love it]

  • moved apartments and finally have a legitimate size room!!!

  • single and happy about it!!

soo guys thats it for now Hope you guys are all doing well!!!

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