Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lounging Around


Recently ive been in a stump, im finding absolutely no inspiration in my clothes which is higly dissapointing. I feel the need to go shopping but sadly for my case i just happen to be broke!! i can always ask my parents for money but seeing how much they cashed out on all my textbooks; i feel horrified to even ask. Maybe i just need a job but i have a problem with managing things; in the past i have taken a lot of tasks all at once and stressed out to the point where i just couldnt function anymore. So a job during the school year seems like nothing but a bad idea. I know a lot people can handle doing that and see my reasons as nothing but a whiner but all i can respond back to that is "all the power to you but i just dont happen to function the same way (:"
Soo watched the season premiere of 90210, and honestly im sad to see Max go.. i thought him and Naomi made the cutest couples and i was seriously rooting for the underdog. Navid's sister is highly annoying and why the heck would she let Ade back in the house, when she clearly is a psychopath and this lil b*** should be kissing Silver's feet for even letting her a** stay with them. Ungrateful much?
Also saw Ringer and let me just say i love Sarah Michelle Gellar!! im a die-hard buffy fan till the day i die but on commenting on her i would say the beggining was a lil bland. if i wasnt her fan then i probs would've changed the channel by the 5th minute but luckily the show did start rolling eventually and plot is pretty interesting, kind of reminds me of The Lying Game by abc family except this one doesnt deal with homecoming and parental problems lol but it does have the drama and shady charachters. 

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