Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'm "COOL"

HnM-top, skinny jeans-F21, steve madden-flats

i always used to make fun at why some people used quotation marks (" ") when they were trying to make a point but from this day forward i will stop poking fun because i now am one those "people". They just add the right amount of emphasis on the point your trying to get across lol. Neways another rainy day, the weather's supposed to be like this atleast until saturday which is a bummer. i love the rain as much as the next guy but this is a little excessive. i decided to go for comfy chic and ofcourse i had to pull out my new pullover from HnM, its soo comfy and i love the color. Also for some reason it always makes feel like im wearing a cape; which truly coincides with my fantasies of being a superhero (yeah i know im cool). but anywhoo wrapping this up, i have class way too early and ofcourse im happy i get to see my hottie prof (which is obv a bonus) soo ill talk to you guys soon.
xoxo Nuz

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